MKL Business Consulting Solutions

Mission Statement
MKL is engaged in the Sale of Business Opportunities as well as helping business people get Funding for Businesses and commercial real estate and Coaching Business Owners in a multitude of ways to help improve the operations and profitability of their businesses.
Our mission is to tailor our processes to be as seamless as possible. To that end we do our best to customize each transaction for the benefit of the Business Owner, Business Buyer and the Business Seller.
MKL handles everything for you to help achieve your goals, whether they be the sale of your business or the improvement of your operations and we are dedicated to helping you maximize the value you receive for our services.

MKLAcquisitions is based in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, are professional licensed business brokers specializing in the purchase and sales of many different types of businesses including the following:

Insurance................... [Brokerage / Agencies]
Manufacturing ........... [Production of Product]
Distribution ............... [Logistics and Sales]
Wholesale ................ [Selling goods between cost & retail]
Transportation .......... [Truck, Boat, Plane, movement of goods]
Staffing .................... [Temporary & Permanent Employment]
B2B Services ............. [Business to Business goods & services]
Professional Practices.. [Health,Dental,Chiropractic,Accounting]
Telecom, Media & Technology & Retail

MKL Acquisitions Offers complementary consultations to business owners who would like to explore the possibilities of the sale of their business. Please contact MKL for more information.

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Some business owners are concerned about disclosing their private business information to a business broker so we have developed a Seller Confidentiality Agreement Form. This form ensures complete confidentiality between the business seller and Maiman, Keller & Lock. You may download the Seller Confidentiality Agreement Form here.

Additional Business Solutions

   Accounts Receivable Invoices

   Equipment Purchase Leases

Turn your accounts receivable into cash now!

Eliminate the strain on your cash flow.

MKL finances accounts receivables in all 50 states.

Request Equipment Purchase Lease info online from MKL.

MKL finances equipment purchase leases in all 50 states. Click Here for more Information.

Financing Accounts Receivables & Invoice Financing = Factoring
There are problems many businesses face that can be solved with a financial service called Factoring.
If your business sells products or services on credit terms to other businesses or governments, you have the option to factor these receivables and eliminate the long billing cycles that put a strain on your cash flow. This financial service can help your business no matter if you are growing fast or just struggling to survive. Click for more information about accounts receivable factoring.

   Financial Services

   Income Property Loans

Need a Quick Loan? Get an Unsecured Business Line of Credit for $100,000 to $400,000 Stated Income, No Docs, No Collateral… Must have minimum FICO of 700

For borrowers who need to quickly secure a business loan with a “Life Insurance requirement”… We can provide you with a QuickClose Life Insurance policy that is issued within 10 days that is accepted by all SBA lenders.

Loans for: Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings, Retail Buildings, Apartment Buildings 5 units or more.

For a sample loan analysis: fill in the EZ Loan Inquiry Tool
MKL finances commercial property in all 50 states.